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Specialchars added in wrong position with Chrome
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Let's go for example in and click in the first line between the two joined words "Quickbar" and "City".
Now, clicking on the special char "À" we will obtain "QuickbarÀCity", but if we press backspace to delete the "À" and then clicking it again, this time we will obtain "QuickbarCÀity".

The same behaviour happens in it:w and have been tested by another user.

IE and Firefox works correctly.

Note: in general, more I delete with backspace and more the added char is located in the opposite side. It's like he consider the position of the cursor before the char deletion.

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Great testcase, thank you! Confirming in Chromium 58.

Wondering if T164168: CharInsert broken in Chrome: Text not inserted at cursor position; spans over multiple lines is somehow related / a similar issue.

@Aklapper, I'm not sure if it's the same problem but it looks like.

I've positioned the cursor somewhere, then pressed few time "return" and then click on a special char. This char is inserted at the "previous position" instead of where the cursor is.

In both cases, it seems that backspace and return do not update the current cursor position.

T166708 is a duplicate and has more related links, hence I am going to merged this task into T166708.