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Closure of Glamtools list
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After discussion with other list moderators and public discussion on Commons-l, GLAM lists and the Commons Village pump, we have agreed to close the list, keeping the list archive available for reference. There is some potential to re-open the list as a more general tools discussion list, however there is insufficient demand at the current time, compared to using other channels. Future questions about the tool can be raised on Commons-l.

The list administration pages have no obvious way of closing the list, so I'm presuming that this needs a phab task to happen, I'm happy to be advised otherwise.


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I've gone ahead and disabled the list per the instructions on

Part of those directions also recommend removing the list admins, so they don't get spammed by the list that no longer is enabled. I've gone ahead and listed them in this task, so if they request the list be re-enabled in the future, there is a record of them having been list adminstrators: david.haskiya at, faewik at, liamwyatt at

The list archives are intact, as requested. If there are any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reopen this task.