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Diff and revision unshowable, and user denies to have done this edit
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Author: michael.frey

It's not possible to get an diff with revision 386943 (01:55, 28. Jun. 2008 ) and an older revision, only the diff with a newer revision works: (works)

It's not possible how that version with
but with edit it seems to work: (works)

with revision 386944 is it similary: (works) (works)

The craziest thing is, that the user say I didn't done this edit. He says that this edit was his last edit before he shuts down his computer, so this edit seems to occured when his computer was already off line and shut down.

As the symptoms could be caused by an error in the table of the database caused by mediawiki, it's possible a critical failure.

I think, a developer should check the database and it's table to find out whats wrong, find a work a round and check all WMF wikis for the same failure.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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