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Incomplete rename on Slovenian Wikipedia
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Author: smihael

I request installation of [[mediawiki:Extension:ChangeAuthor]] to Slovenian Wikipedia, see this bug for details.

Greetings, Miha

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Severity: minor



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Please provide a link to the local discussion.

smihael wrote:

Local discussion: [[Uporabniški_pogovor:Andrejj#Preimenovanje]], but no decisions made yet.

Greetings, Miha

jeluf wrote:


can you please have a look at this extension?

Assigned: brion for review
Keyword: shell

Comment: I wonder if this may be against the GFDL requirements (or CC-BY-SA for selected projects) that all Wikimedia projects use. Even though everything is logged, this will make things extremely obscure. The reason for the installation request has not been given. I am quite interested in that. Please provide it, if possible. Valid reasons obviously increase the chances to get this extension installed, but personally I think there is little chance to get this installed.

smihael wrote:

What about only time limited installation?

The reason is:
I requested change of my username from "Mihael Simonič" to "smihael" and
after changing name, some edits weren't moved to my new username.

See [[:w:sl:Posebno:Contributions/Mihael_Simonič|list of such a edits]]
(approximately 500 out of 13,000 edits total

Maybe a interesting bit is that all edits that wern't moved has been made in
December 2006 and January 2007. And, why this happened?

Only way to move this edits to my new username is use of this extension.


ayg wrote:

(In reply to comment #5)

Only way to move this edits to my new username is use of this extension.

A system administrator should be able to manually reassign your old edits using a query like

UPDATE revision SET rev_user_text='Smihael' WHERE rev_user=2136;

This should be safe because the user_name for user_id 2136 is currently Smihael. As long as rev_user is intact, nothing important is being changed anyway.

smihael wrote:

OK. It is really not needed to install Change Author, so can someone do shell procedure described in Comment #6 From Simetrical

Reedy added a comment.Aug 19 2011, 3:59 PM


mysql> UPDATE revision SET rev_user_text='Smihael' WHERE rev_user=2136;
Query OK, 482 rows affected (0.49 sec)
Rows matched: 16376 Changed: 482 Warnings: 0