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Epic⚡️ : User reporting system
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High-level goal

Build a new harassment reporting system that produces higher quality reports but does not place the burden of proof on or further alienate victims of harassment.

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TBolliger renamed this task from Epic⚡️ : Harassment reporting system to Epic⚡️ : User reporting system.Jan 30 2019, 10:33 PM
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I haven't seen any information about the design / implementation of this system, so I've drafted a proposed workflow from creating a report all the way to decision making, in a process similar to an ArbCom case, that's applicable to simple, everyday reports as well.

The draft on a user page
also transcluded to:

I assume a discussion would work well on the user page's talk page. Comments and questions are welcome.

The reporting system will be crucial to manifest the civility goals of the Wikimedia Movement 2030, thus I'm interested in joining the design and implementation of it.

Thanks @AnonManning. This project has been deprioritized until next year in favor of making improvements to CheckUser and other anti-vandalism tools.
I appreciate the page you put together. It will be very helpful when this project is taken on!

Does this task include the creation of a micro agression data base for research to be done on the topic later? Without documentation. it is difficult to adress problems. And we should also be able to notify the relevent communities regurlarly with updates on the types of behaviors that create problems. Any attempt to do this locally on fr wiki has been deleted. See
This demonstrates that public reporting is not possible because it creates backlash and is seen as abusive itself.

@Nattes We have not yet decided the details of what this project would involve. I would like to hear more from you about the database and how it could be useful. We are actively looking at examples of harassment to create a way to identify types of harassment which can then be used to decide the appropriate course of action.

I am also interested in hearing more about what you mean when you say "notify communities". How would this notification work?

@Niharika I would be happy to talk to you about this in a call.
I can provide some examples also if you wish although it would not be exhaustive.

Closing this as Invalid as the project looks different now and we will be spinning up new tickets for it.