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Wait to show the "Nearby matching..." search result until after other search results have loaded
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From user testing
One user was confused by the search result string "Nearby matching...'" although it should be noted that his connection was slow. From only seeing this result, the user was concerned that he could only search within the map area.

Proposed solution
We might want to consider waiting to show the search result "Nearby matching..." until after other results have loaded. This is fairly common practice with other maps apps.

Event Timeline

Would it possible to also update this from "Nearby matching" to "Top articles matching" or something else to alleviate confusion that "Nearby" might mean "Near my current location"?

It was previously "Top articles matching" (and before that just "Articles matching")

I thought we changed the string in part because it was only searching within the user's map view?

FWIW I do find it helpful to limit a full text search to my map area for searches like "museum" etc