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"Open tickets (customer) (20885)" (or other number) displayed for every customer
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Pressing PeopleCustomer in a ticket, displays all that CustomerIDs tickets. However, since the May 31 update, it also displays Open tickets (customer) (20885) under Customer Information. Pressing that takes one to;Subaction=Search;CustomerIDRaw=;StateType=Open

I'm assuming this is supposed to tell how many open tickets exists for that customer, but it is misattributing 'all' tickets to that customerID since there is no CustomerIDRaw. "20885" is most likely how many open tickets exists in the system in total, and not from a specific customer.

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This does indeed look a bug, we will have to report it upstream. IMHO, the link should be just a tad different, that is CustomerIDRaw=<customerID>. The number should probably the number of tickets by that specific customer as well

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Fixed upstream, pending QA and waiting for a patch to be available.

QA is completed, fix is merged.

Now pending on T187984

Not necessarily. The fix is also in branch 5.x [1] and from the looks of it will make it to 5.0.27, which is a version we will probably upgrade to way before we upgrade to 6.x.x


True, whichever is easier. This is not an important issue though.

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This looks fixed now. I 'll resolve this task