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moving qualifiers
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I think it should be very helpful if it is possible to move qualifiers in one statement. Sometimes qualifiers are not ranked the right way, for example the order of author name string (P2093). Sometimes existing items about an author are deleted and then added as a string, but these new qualifiers are always at the bottom of the qualifiers, although the series ordinal (P1545) are then not chronological. Is it possible to fix this?

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How would you expect to have this fixed? By a gadget, a bot, automatically (unlikely)? Do you have an example (could be older revision) where you see the problem?

Maybe it can be settled with a gadget for hard things that bots cannot do, and for the example I mentioned, a scientific article, could be done with a bot because of the chronological order of the ranking? For an example see Ohter problems that might occur are things like startdate and enddate or time.

You seem to have confused terms: when I look at the example, I can see it's the statements that are not in the expected order (the whole "block" is called a group of statements). A qualifer is for example P1545 (which would be used for ordering). Anyway, I will close this task since it duplicates others.