Quiz extension not working with mediawiki extension 1.15.1
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Author: Robling

Information: v 1.0.1 of Quiz on Mediawiki 1.15.1 isn't working, the tags are unparsed.

The bug is imported from here

The info box on extension page does specify the required version of mediawiki to be 1.23.

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MediaWiki version 1.15 has been unsupported since middle of 2010. It does not make sense to import ancient issues into Phabricator without actually retesting first.
Closing as INVALID.

I've been suggested to move ALL the bugs from wiki page to Phabricator in case anyone wants to know the status of the bug they reported.

My previous comment points out that the minimum required version is 1.23 making the bug invalid.I was waiting the confirmation from my mentor.