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interwiki transcluding with part of the page
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Author: hugoborrell

I wish I could transclude part of a text into another.

This could be donne, as far as user is concerned, with the same syntaxe as interwiki links : for instant, if I can include the article with {{wikipedia::Megabyte}} (supposing my interwiki table allow this), I wich I could include now with something like {{wikipedia::Megabyte#Megabyte_examples}}. If you try it now you will see just the same as the previous {{wikipedia::Megabyte}}, wich can be an anoying disproportion depending on the size of the page.

Is that something that could be planned for an extension or a future mediawiki version ? I've been told that this extension is for local transclusion, and it seems that it is not installed on Wikipedia. Could it be improved for interwiki transclusion ? And/or included in the core ?

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I am discovering many very interesting uses of labeled section transclusion, that can really be used as a kind of UDV (User Defined Variable), so I encourage its implementation into the core of any wiki project - and I think that the suggestion to develop an interwiki labeled section transclusion is excellent too.

You can sort of do this within the same wiki using <onlyinclude>, but it is a hack for certain situations.