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Don't show the top bar or bottom nav bar while navigating to another section of the page through links
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When a user navigates to another section of the page through internal page links the top bar an the bottom navbar shouldn't be shown. This is to avoid hiding the section title or the formula referenced (using the EquationNote template or by some other way). This is filed as a follow-up of T164480

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to the Dirac delta function article
  2. Go to the "Approximations to the identity" subsection of the "Representations of the delta function" section
  3. Scroll a little
  4. Tap on the link to the 5th equation found in the paragraph below the 2nd equation

Expected results
The referenced equation is shown.

Actual results
The equation is hidden behind the top bar. This seems to spoil the reason of the link.

Screen shot
Note: The equation 5 is hidden behind the top bar.

Screenshot_1496852984.png (1×1 px, 262 KB)

Environments observed
App version : 2.5.195-alpha-2017-06-07
Android version : 7.0
Device : Nexus 5X

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Cannot reproduce it. Please reopen this ticket if you see the issue again.