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codfw: labtestpuppetmaster2001 switch port configuration
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Please see below for switch port information for labtestpuppetmaster2001

Row D Rack 8
labtestpuppetmaster2001 ge-8/0/1

I am not able to pxe boot this system. I checked the MAC address in the dhcp file, it is correct (30 E1 71 63 5E 5C). Can you please check again switch configuration? Thanks.

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Papaul updated the task description. (Show Details)

The switch was showing "Carrier transitions" errors on that interface and no inbound traffic.
We tried changing the cable and the switch port with no luck.
connecting a laptop on the switch showed inbound traffic.
Next step is to try another NIC on the server.

Assigned to Papaul to try another NIC on the server, and open a support case for a bad nic if so.

@RobH this is already done it was not switch problem it was DNS see T167157