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Threads that reach 3 plus pages only show a single pagination item
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We have a thread that reached a third page, and discovered that the pagination link available is only for the third page. We lack the link for the second page.

The thread where it happened

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Apologies. I have no idea how I moved this, or how to move it back.

SamanthaNguyen added a subscriber: SamanthaNguyen.

No worries. I've fixed this. For future notice, you can select the menu that says "Add Action..." and pick "Move on Workboard". From there, you'll have a drop down with all the work boards available where you can select where you want it to be moved to.

Yeah, this is my only functionality related gripe with this extension. It's possible to move between pages by modifying the URL, but really, it needs to have proper page buttons. Even just a "Next" and a "Previous" button would work.