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Prepare MobileFrontend so it can live side by side with Minerva
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Temporarily (for maybe 1hr) there will be a situation where Minerva is shipped inside the MinervaNeue skin and the MobileFrontend skin. To avoid any breakages in the beta cluster or production we will need to make several changes.

These are:

  • Setup ServiceWiring for Minerva to allow us to access Minerva.Config in the new repo. Only install it once via onMediawikiServices hook. Deal with ServiceAlreadyDefinedException exception.
  • The new repo is SkinMinervaNeue. To avoid confusion we will need a class alias which allows both to work. This will make it easier for users to migrate over.
  • If MFDefaultSkinClass points to a skin that is not installed we will need to fail very visibly with instructions on how to correct the problem (e.g. install MinervaNeue skin or update value to an existing skin).