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Ensure vector maps license status is "otherwise noted" per legal footer
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In the footer of every article we state (something similar to) "Content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted". I do not have access to any of the beta builds, so I'm just making sure with this ticket that we are indeed "otherwise noting" that the vector maps for iOS-app-feature-Places are not under cc-by-sa 3.0 (in a clear way, as to help re-users; and not hidden/assumed to be understood deep in Apple's license documents)

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Hey Jonatan, so we added a section to the Credits for maps, and the maps themselves have a "Legal" link which links to the attributions for apple maps (its actually not full © by Apple, as the maps include data from OSM and many other sources. The copyright file lists well over 100 rights/attributions!)

The footer on articles refers to the content of the article, not the content of the app as a whole, and is a standard footer used across the apps and web. It might be confusing/inaccruate to say "Maps © Apple, because maps may appear in the content of the encyclopedia that are Commons hosted and CC-by-SA or even PD.

If you really believe every article should also include a disclaimer about Places, how about adding it as an additional sentence with a link to the apple credits page? For example "Content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Please see here[would link to maps legal page] for specific licensing information for maps used in Places."

Hm, yeah i see your point. I was thinking of the possibility of a Places-specific disclaimer that only appeared on the Places page, since the example you gave above is a bit ‘long’ and cumbersome to perhaps have on all articles. But there is no good place to have it the places page perhaps. We could use that verbiage on the About the app... page, instead of the current text for content license.

Yeah, I think the closer to the map itself, the better. I think the ideal is to make the tiny "legal" footer on the map bigger and more informative (like "Maps by Apple - License Info") on the map. I'm not sure what's technically possible there, but can look into it.

If thats not workable, maybe a more prominent item on the About page? Meaning, instead of putting it in the "Libraries" list, as now, we make a special section on the About page specifically calling out maps license and special credits link?

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Oh jeez, this one got lost.

Proposed acceptance criteria:

On the About page, please add a new section, second to last, with the following:

Section name: Places maps license
Content: Places uses maps provided by Apple Maps. Please see here for license details.

Hey @Josve05a we've missed you around these parts...

We went ahead and merged your requested change in, as you are the original requester and have the strongest sense of what is needed here. However, I did pick that other URL for a couple reasons:

  • The direct URL may not be "stable". It seems to include a version number (21) in the URL, and so I was concerned this would get out of date, whereas the cleaner public URL will not be likely to change.
  • The Maps master terms and conditions page includes acknolwedgements not found in the license itself, and is available in many languages.

That said, I agree with your point that the license is the key issue... so I'm going to let you decide which is better :)

Hey @JMinor, yeah it's been a while! I'm starting weeding myself back to looking at the app ;)

Hm, it is true that their ToU does link to the license and also other acknowledgements and terms. However, we are using the license link as the "Legal" link on the actual map (bottom corner). I would suggest linking to the ToU from that link since that is supposed to be a "legal link" covering all legal things, while the link on the "About..." page is supposed to be to the license.


  • The link on the About... page should link to "21", which seems stable for now (been stable since we added it as a replacement on the "Legal" link. Might possibly be updated since it says 2018), as merged above.
  • The link at the bottom corner of the actual map for "Legal" should link to the Term of Use.