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r37158 introduces MySQL specific code
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Author: overlordq

Patch to Skin.php

In r37158 Skin.php is changed so that lastModified will either return a date based on a specific revid or a given article. This is all fine an dandy, but the value this function returns is sent to Language::sprintfDate which unfortunately expects a certain input.

Before r37158 the only call was to $wgArticle->getTimestamp which pulled the timestamp and formatted it with TS_MW (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS). Unfortunately the added code polls and returns directly from the database. This is fine with MySQL as the timestamp is stored as a string in TS_MW format. With other DBs which store as a proper timestamp data types what it returns can vary. With PG's case:

Before: 20080703043819
After: 2008-07-03 04:38:19+00

Since sprintfDate expects TS_MW the substr inside the function will fail in odd ways when it tries to parse -0 as a month.

So the return from Revision::getTimestampFromId needs wrapped and formatted to the expected format.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement




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That fix was in the wrong place; moved the format normalization to the backend where it belongs in r37419.