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Add RIPE atlas data to Prometheus
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Filippo made me aware of this great tool.

As we are hosting RIPE atlas anchors, the RIPE runs permanent measurements to our DCs.

They recently released a Prometheus exporter allowing us to import those measurements into Prometheus

and for more informations.

Here are the measurements IDs we would need to query, to be configured under

  - targets:







ESAMS and Singapore will need to be added when Anchor is setup.

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ayounsi created this task.Jun 12 2017, 3:49 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptJun 12 2017, 3:49 PM

@ayounsi awesome!

I'll outline here what needs to happen next:

  • Create a Debian package for atlas_exporter
  • Create the respective puppet module, similarly to existing exporters
  • Install the package and try the configuration on e.g. prometheus-beta, decide on things like how often to poll for data
  • Add the puppet role/profile/module to our Prometheus global instances (i.e. codfw/eqiad), I'd say running one atlas_exporter per prometheus machine is more than enough, each prometheus machine simply polls from localhost

@fgiunchedi: This task has no active projects associated. Should this be under User-fgiunchedi ? And/or Operations ? Or closed? Thanks in advance!

thanks @Aklapper ! fixed with operations and monitoring

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The steps outlined in Filippo's comment happened, with the difference that I chose to use the netmon* machines for this role.

The dashboard needs a bit more work, and we could look at also ingesting measurements other than ICMP pings, but this is done-ish.

Thanks this is really nice!

It could be useful to add and show the data on a map as well.

I'm interested in adding the traceroute hop count, for example to detect major routing changes. I looked a bit at the code, but would need to be walked through it to understand it fully.