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Need to empty "linter" database table on large wikis
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We need to reset the linter table on all large wikis ( Should I just use runBatchedQuery.php to delete all the rows or is there a preferred DBA way to do this?

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Yes, if you could use the script, that would be preferred so we do not have to touch the tables manually and you have all the throttling mechanism already implemented :-)
Also please schedule that script on the Deployments page: so we and people are aware of it when it runs.

Lastly, if possible, if you can give us some heads up before running it that would be appreciated, so we can keep it in mind if we are doing some maintenance or see strange patterns on graphs


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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-06-13T18:54:47Z] <legoktm> starting to delete all rows from linter tables on large wikis - T167758

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All done!