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Policy listserv link on doesn't actually sign people up for the mailing list
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I'm putting this here, but please add tags/people as appropriate.

I've tried several times to sign up for the public policy list through the policy website — and I've never been taken to the confirmation email. But when I signed up for the public policy listserv through the Wikimedia listserv page, it worked!

@jrbs reports that "I can have a look in the source of the page; looks like it's trying to send something but not actually sending anything. It would probably be best to link directly to the mailman signup page. Right now it's trying to "POST" the information there which I'm not sure is something that mailman can even do."

I know the site was heavily promoted when the blog post about it went live, and I suspect there may have been a lot of people who tried to get updates, and weren't successful.

Right now it doesn't appear to be editable on Wordpress, though it might just be hiding somewhere unobvious.

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I just tried, and I've an error too from the page

Publicpolicy Subscription results
Please take a few seconds to fill out the form before submitting it.
You must GET the form before submitting it.

I believe this is related to T116290.

The base code for Policy site is on Wordpress repo - so we will need to submit the file there rather than our repo.

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I believe this feature is in the Wordpress skin. I'll get in touch with designers and find the code. @Varnent, would you be able to fix it?

@Slaporte - I have been looking around a bit and think I can. I would just need the ability to submit the file to the Wordpress server. I cannot remember how that access is setup. Does Mule still have that access or do we have it as well now?

I think it's with Mule. If there is nothing sensitive in the repo (eg no private keys, etc), then I want to transfer ownership to the Wikimedia Github org and make it open so this kind of thing is easier to solve.

@Slaporte - I am checking with Mule right now on if they still have access. Can we change ownership without moving it off Wordpress server? Sorry - I have not looked into any of this in like a year so playing memory catchup and do not recall where things were left in terms of access to the Wordpress hosted repo. :)

I'll follow up with you via email. There are a few steps before we change ownership.

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I can still reproduce the problem.
Ping @Slaporte