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The 'back' button should go out of RCFilters and to the previous page
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Up until now, the 'back' button in RCFilters was a sort of 'undo', forcing the user to hit 'back' multiple times if they changes their state in order to get back to their previous page.

This commit fixes that by replacing the URL (rather than 'push state') so that you go into RCFilters, change however many filters/state you wish, and still get to hit "back" button to go back to the previous page.

To QA this:

  1. Go to the main page of the wiki
  2. Go to some random page of the wiki (or several)
  3. Go to RecentChanges from the menu
  4. Change some filters, add highlights, remove highlights, etc
  5. Hit "Back"

Expected result: The page will go to the latest random page from step #2.

Extended test --

  1. Do all steps above up to step #4
  2. Click one of the links in the results, to go to the page
  3. Click "back"

Expected result: The RCFilters page reloads at the same state (with the same filters) that you ended up with before going to the results (not the state it started with initially)

Keep hitting 'back', then hit 'forward' --> expected result is the same (RCFilters reloads with the same filter states it was the last time you left it)

Event Timeline

Change 359030 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo; owner: Mooeypoo):
[mediawiki/core@master] RCFilters: Always replaceState the URL

Change 359030 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] RCFilters: Always replaceState the URL

Checked in betalabs - works as described in 'Expected result'

  • changes to filter or other settings on RC page will not affect browser 'Back' button navigation - users will be returned to the page that they visited before going to RC page
  • returning back via 'Back' browser button to RC page with users' defined selection also works.
  • the same behavior for 'Forward' browser button

Note: 'Back' browser button behavior is consistent now with, e.g. Flow talk page - you can do many actions on a Flow board (post replies, thank, create a new topic etc) but clicking on the 'Back' button will display the previous page that you visited.

QA Recommendation: Resolve