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beta-update-databases-eqiad times out on wikidatawiki (maintenance update)
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16:34 <+RainbowSp> !log deployment-prep: Disabled database updates for awhile, running it by hand

That's not actually where it's timing out (yay buffered output and multi-threaded updates). It's actually wikidatawiki. But yeah, I'm on it.

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demon renamed this task from beta-update-databases-eqiad times out at "index flow_workflow_update_timestamp already" for ukwiki to beta-update-databases-eqiad times out on wikidatawiki (maintenance update).Jun 15 2017, 5:05 PM

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2017-06-18T19:26:53Z] <Reedy> Re-enabled beta-update-databases-eqiad as wikidatawiki takes < 10 minutes T168036 T167981

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This is no longer happening afaict and it seems like the main followup is on T168036: rebuildTermSqlIndex.php causing beta-update-databases-eqiad to timeout and abort.

Feel free to reopen, but it looks like @Reedy 's deletion of a lot of wikidata items on beta closes this particular task.

Yeah, beta is fixed, the actual source still needs addressing, as otherwise when it gets a load of items again... It's just gonna break

But I filed tasks about periodic cleanups etc so should address it from the other angle too