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Dashboard not automatically counting edits on Punjabi Wikipedia (perhaps others too?)
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An editathon form last month set up a program page on the Programs and Events Dashboard, but no edits from the Punjabi wikipedia ( were automatically counted, only edits to English Wikipedia were originally showing up.

Program page:

In an attempt to troubleshoot the problem, I added articles that were flagged by the organizers that had edits from the users associated with the program (list below provided by organizers). This did add the articles to the main list eventually, and it seems that associated edits were also eventually captured and reported.

This is after clicking on the "Schedule data update" buttons and waiting for a period of time.

Is it possible to see if edits from pawiki (or other non English Wikis) are not being automatically captured? The Assigned Article workaround seems to be a temporary solution, but it's troubling if we are not capturing all edits across all languages/projects for the associated time period and group of editors.

Examples of activity that initially was missing (articles were added manually to the "Available Articles" list):

  1. User:Simranjeet Sidhu
  2. Uda Devi (Punjabi) New Page

  1. P K Rosy (Punjabi) New Page

  1. Bama (Punjabi) New Page

  1. User:Charan Gill
    1. Uda Devi (Punjabi)

  1. Katy Perry (Punjabi)

  1. Naseem Banu (Punjabi) New page

  1. Sucha Soorma (Punjabi)

  1. Malwa (Punjabi) New page

  1. Manjit Singh


1)Nauroti Devi (Punjabi) New Page

  1. Kalpana Saroj (Punjabi)

  1. Gaurav Jhammat
  1. Natalie Portman (Punjabi) New Page

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TFlanagan-WMF triaged this task as High priority.Jun 15 2017, 5:56 PM

Setting as a high priority since we may not be capturing all edits across different languages.

Copying the message I sent to Siko yesterday about this...

It looks like the dashboard is showing all the articles on Punjabi Wikipedia as expected now:
Currently, it will only pull in edits on a) the home wiki for the event (English Wikipedia in this case) and b) any wiki that has at least one Available Article or Assignment. I assume that someone added those available articles on pa.wikipedia later on, which caused it to start pulling in data from that wiki.

I think this was working normally, but the way to enable additional wikis is not ideal and not obvious enough. Yesterday I updated some of the messages to highlight the multi-wiki situation during the program creation process. I can maybe also find a good place on the Articles tab to have that info as well. A fuller solution — like a list of wikis you want to pull edits from that you can set at the time of program creation — will have to wait until I have more time to put into it.

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Alright, glad this has been resolved! Thanks, @Ragesoss this is helpful to know.

Seeeko added a subscriber: Seeeko.Jun 15 2017, 6:19 PM

Adding my thanks, @Ragesoss and @TFlanagan-WMF ! Might also make sense to update this documentation: (that's where I was looking and got the impression that all languages should be automagically pulled in!). Anyway, glad to understand this better now, and someday look forward to the fuller solution (dropdown list - I really didn't want to choose just English).