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Enable Gerrit feature to add comment when people add reviewers to a patch
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"Andrew Bonventre added to REVIEWER: Patrick Hiesel"

Could be pretty useful for us too

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Ah, we will get that feature when we upgrade to gerrit 2.14.1, since it's polygerrit.

This looks like a notedb specific feature, as when testing locally it wont work when not using notedb.

Requires us to do T174034

The link in the task description is not found (404)?

It's 404 because someone made it a private change.

Paladox claimed this task.

We are now using NoteDB as off when ever it migrated the last change.

All new changes should be using notedb from now.

Paladox closed subtask T177201: Update gerrit to 2.15.2 as Resolved.