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Phlogiston secondary reports should be more discoverable
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Phlogiston generates a number of charts and reports that are not displayed on the main report page. Instead, they are generally presented as text hyperlinks. These include:

  1. auxilliary reports such as a list of "Recently closed tasks"
  2. alternate versions of charts, such as the "show hidden" and "last quarter" versions of charts.
  3. Tranche charts, showing burnup for one category each. They are hidden via CSS tricks.
  4. points or count charts that are hidden according to scope settings; they can only be accessed by URL hacking.

This limited UI has been observed to cause users to assume that charts are not available which in fact are, and to overlook data that might be desired. Possible fixes:

  1. show thumbnails of some or all of charts
  2. Show provide dynamic information peeks to make links more interesting/appealing/affordant. E.g., "34 old tasks" instead of "old tasks". Not clear this is applicable to any of these use cases.
  3. ...?

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