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Moving a page with subpages to be a subpage of itself causes it to be moved twice
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Author: sam.korn

If a page with subpages is moved to a subpage of itself with the "move all subpages" option selected, the target page is then moved again to be a subpage of the subpage. E.g. moving [[Wikipedia:Example]] to [[Wikipedia:Example/archive]] results in:

*the page is moved to [[Wikipedia:Example/archive]]
*[[Wikipedia:Example/archive]] is moved to [[Wikipedia:Example/archive/archive]]
*[[Wikipedia:Example]] is now a double redirect

See the log from enwiki as an example.

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Severity: minor



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ayg wrote:

Fixed in r55262. You can CC me on subpage move bugs in the future, or any other bugs in features I wrote. Maybe I'll even get around to making it use Title::moveSubpages() if I see that FIXME enough. :)