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Run reader survey in multiple languages - Spanish
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  • [Leila] Request the translation of the privacy statement. the rest is ready.
  • [Florian] Confirm sampling rate.
  • [Nathaniel] Double check that the survey ID is prefilled correctly.


'enabled' => true,      
'name' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-es-main',
'type' => 'external',   
'description' => 'Reader-segmentation-1-description', // (blank)
'link' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-link', // 
'question' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-message',
'privacyPolicy' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-privacy',
'coverage' => 0.2, // 1 out of 5
'platforms' => [        
    'desktop' => [ 'stable' ],      
    'mobile' => [ 'stable' ],   
'instanceTokenParameterName' => 'entry.901222064',

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I asked Marco to help with notifying the Spanish Wikipedia community.

while we were waiting for Marco, @Racso signed up to be the PoC so no need to take Marco's time. Thanks, Racso.

@Racso can you notify the Spanish community that the survey will go out on June 22 with a sampling rate of 1 out of 5 and for a week? In case it helps, here is the message I shared with enwiki folks.

@leila Sure! Just in case: how will the sampling rate work in this case? Does it mean that 1 of each 5 readers will see a banner linking to the survey, or that you'll sample until you get answers from 1/5 of a fixed population size, or something else?

@Racso (it's pretty clear we have a researcher on board;). Good question. The sampling rate, roughly speaking, is 1 out of every 5 browser sessions. Basically, you can think of it that every browser receives a unique-token and we sample 1 out of 5 of those. For Spanish Wikipedia, we want to do the full analysis which means we need around 30K responses. We have estimated the response count based on the total daily pageviews to eswiki. We have tested our estimation approach on Japanese, Romanian, German, and Hebrew Wikipedias a few weeks ago and the number of responses is what we expected (except for Japanese which was low but that's most probably because the survey was on for 8 hours and during the time that was in the middle of the night in Japan). I hope this helps.

and Racso posted the notification. @Racso please let us know if there is a conversation in that thread we should become aware of. Otherwise, we're looking forward to Thursday. :)

@Racso the survey is now stopped. Feel free to share the following message or a modified version of it with your community. :)

This survey run for a week and it ended at around 2320 UTC on 2017-06-29. We have received more than 44,000 responses from your language and we will start analyzing the results on 2017-07-03. We will update the status when more information becomes available. Thank you for working with us to make this survey happen. :)

@leila It seems that I forgot to notify you that I posted the message: :)