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Run reader survey in multiple languages - Romanian
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  • [Florian] Fix sampling rate
  • [Nathaniel] Make sure the ID is prefilled in the surveys.


'enabled' => true,
'name' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-ro-main',
'type' => 'external',
'description' => 'Reader-segmentation-1-description', // (blank)
'link' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-link', // 
'question' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-message', // Răspundeți la 3 întrebări și ajutați-ne să îmbunătățim Wikipedia.
'privacyPolicy' => 'Reader-segmentation-3-privacy', // Datele chestionarului sunt administrate de o terță parte. Confidențialitate.
'coverage' => 0.5, // 1 out 2
'platforms' => [
        'desktop' => [ 'stable' ],
        'mobile' => [ 'stable' ],
'instanceTokenParameterName' => 'entry.901222064',

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leila renamed this task from [Not Ready] Run reader survey in multiple languages - Romanian to Run reader survey in multiple languages - Romanian.Jun 20 2017, 4:50 AM

@Strainu can you notify your community about the survey launch on June 22? More details. Please let us know here once you do this with a link to the place the notification has gone to. thanks! :)

@Strainu @Milimetric can you help translating two phrases at ? "Visit survey" and "No thanks". These options will be shown on two buttons on the quicksurvey widget after the user sees a call to action: "Answer three questions and help us improve Wikipedia".

I can't, Leila, my account isn't approved on translatewiki or something. Ping me back in a few days if you don't get it. Or I can just tell you:

No thanks: "Nu, mulţumesc"
Visit survey: "Vizită studiu" (Andrei, sondaj? studui? Cum se spune?)

great. I entered the two, @Milimetric .

@Strainu no need on our end for you to spend time on my last ping. sorry about the parallel pings.

@leila : I updated the translation for Visit survey to use the same terminology as the rest of the translations ("chestionar"). I would appreciate it if you could re-deploy the translations.

@Strainu thanks. We are exporting them again now so that should fix it.

@leila, @schana I've just seen the survey myself. The text is translated, but the buttons are not. I think something went wrong with exporting the latest translations.

@Strainu what you see in the buttons depends on your language settings. The best way to test it is to open a private/incognito window and sew what happens if the browser doesn't know anything about your language choices. In that case, the ?hl-ro parameter will kick in and the user will see the buttons in Romanian, otherwise, in whatever language their browser is set to. (I'll email you a link to test incognito)

@Strainu this may have been a caching problem. We are testing it now and we see the two buttons in Romanian. Can you check and confirm? Thanks.

It works OK now, thank you for working on this in the weekend.

perfect. thanks for confirming. And no worries re the weekend, it was urgent.

@Strainu the survey is now stopped. Feel free to share the following message or a modified version of it with your community. :)

This survey run for a week and it ended at around 2320 UTC on 2017-06-29. We have received more than 4300 responses from your language and we will start analyzing the results on 2017-07-03. We will update the status when more information becomes available. Thank you for working with us to make this survey happen. :)