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An IPhone mod for cologne blue php and css skin
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Author: ron

Adjustments for IPhone compatibility

This is a safe IPhone modification for the cologne blue skin in anticipation for eventual wider release and integration with a mainstream skin that will be developed later.

Environment variables are used to test for iphone presence and use if statements to remove unneeded menus. Less is more, especially on a very small, mean, and sleek device like an Iphone. Things such as complex, redundant footers, and tall headers are reduced. Edit field box is made smaller to fit the width of the device.

A small metadata statement is placed that is required for the iphone and doesn't seem to harm any other browser. And finally a small-device.css phone that re-skins the browser for the Wikipedia.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: enhancement
Platform: Macintosh




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river wrote:

not related to the Modern skin

Please post patches as unified diffs (output of 'svn diff' is ideal!) rather than tarballs if possible -- it makes them a lot easier to review. :)

Note that due to MediaWiki's caching requirements, we don't intend to support any user-agent sniffing for skin modifications.

You can however attach a stylesheet which will be recognized by the iPhone and similar devices using CSS media queries. See recent updates about handheld stylesheet options (not currently applied to Cologne Blue, which is an old-style skin). Some notes on my blog: and on wikitech-l discussion list.

Remove "easy, patch" keywords, as this issue needs a new version of the patch first.

Note that we currently have MobileFrontend which provides a mobile-specific skin which has stylesheets for various devices including iPhone. I don't think that we should add any serious mobile support to legacy desktop skins.