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I want to use the citoid service to put references within a template
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What happens now:

  1. Insert > Template.
  2. Pick template.
  3. Select parameter.
  4. Type out <ref>{{cite book |title=Typos Happen |author=Expetr, Alice |date=2107 |publisher=Rnadom House |localisation=New York |langauge=ne}}</ref> by hand in the data field. From memory.
  5. You're kidding, right?

What should happen:

  1. Insert > Template
  2. Pick template.
  3. Select parameter (which might be tagged to say that it's supposed to have a citation in it).
  4. Citoid does magic.
  5. I'm happy.

Beautifully explained with a non-Wikipedia-focused example at by @QuimGil

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Kind of a dup of T108521

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Hmm, reading what @QuimGil suggests there, it sounds actually completely different than the other task :D.

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A larger, grander solution to this would be our work on T52355: VisualEditor: Add support for editing templates' parameters as DOM elements ("visually"), including supporting nested templates. I don't think investing a lot of effort in a one-off solution is the best use of our resources in this case.

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