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RCFeed: Send boolean flag indicating that target page is a redirect
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Author: conrad.irwin

This would aid all tools that need to take special action, or no action, on redirects by meaning that they don't have to load the page independantly to determine the redirect status for themselves.



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I do not think that MediaWiki tags redirects in RC, like new pages, bot edits and minor edits, so the dumb IRC bot will also not know.

CANTFIX, I think.

matthew.britton wrote:

MediaWiki does tag redirects in recent changes, because the API's recent changes query shows them. So it is possible.

demon added a comment.Dec 11 2008, 5:43 PM

(In reply to comment #2)

MediaWiki does tag redirects in recent changes, because the API's recent
changes query shows them. So it is possible.

No, it doesn't. That's handled because the API queries both the recentchanges and page tables, giving it access to page_is_redirect. This information isn't _directly_ stored in the database. However, implemented it in r44454 for the IRC output in a different manner.

brion added a comment.Dec 11 2008, 6:45 PM

This doesn't work as intended; when editing existing articles, this'll pull the *previous* redirection state of the article, rather than the current state, so it's wrong whenever a page is changed into, or away from, being a redirect.

Reverted in r44456

This is about the MediaWiki recent changes IRC feed itself, isn't it?
I doubt the format will be changed, however; such info should probably wait for its reimplementation?

The IRC RC Feed is no longer in active development (considered frozen for backwards compatibility).

It is superseded by the JSON RC Feed. It seems valuable to have a 'redirect' flag there.

There is currently no 'redirect' flag in the RecentChange object itself, however we do construct such a property in the RecentChanges API query module[1].

Seems interesting to consider adding that to RCFeedFormatter[2] as well.


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