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Separate Diffusion's rANWS from gerrit's analytics-wikistats
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callsign: rANWS analytics-wikistats
full name: Wikistats

Our team would like to take over the Wikistats repository in Diffusion and use it for our re-write of wikistats. But right now it's mirrored from gerrit, can that be un-mirrored?

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Oops, this already exists... hm, will think and re-open something if necessary.

Milimetric renamed this task from Please create new wikistats repository to Separate Diffusion's rANWS from gerrit's analytics-wikistats.Jun 23 2017, 4:09 PM
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Note: Let's not have two repositories with the same name in separate tools that are diverged.

And to be clear, from the IRC chat: They want to use Differential for their code review for the rewrite of wikistats.

So reverse the direction of replication?

No, we don't want to reverse the replication, the gerrit one is still semi-active. This is a tough situation. The new code is going to be deployed to, same as the old one, but it's a complete rewrite. It's not feasible to share the repo and use different branches either. What else would you suggest? We saw having duplicate diverging repositories to be a temporary problem, and the least bad way forward. So at some point in the mid-term, the gerrit repository will become inactive.

or we could make a new one called ANW2 if that's better for you

@Milimetric I started to make a ANW2 but numbers aren't allowed in callsigns. I separated the two so that they are not mirroring anymore but I think I should restore the mirroring and make a new repo called ANWNEW just to avoid confusion about the two same-named repos with different content.

@Milimetric: I've created rWIKISTATS analytics-wikistats-new.

I have one question: Who should be able to push to this repo?

Thanks @mmodell. All analytics team members would be great, if they're in a group, if not:

working on the repo: @Nuria @mforns @fdans @Milimetric
good to have just in case: @JAllemandou @Ottomata @elukey
might want in the future: community people that might want to contribute

@Milimetric The access is currently controlled by acl*analytics. I've updated membership of that acl to reflect the people you mentioned.

mmodell claimed this task.

@Milimetric: Also, fyi - any member of the analytics team should be able to edit the repo in diffusion, so feel free to customize the settings under /source/wikistats/manage/