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Dashiki Cleanup
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This is a list of tasks that would make Dashiki a little better, but are not currently prioritized:

  • move to d3 v4
  • link to the on-wiki dashboard config right from the dashboard (an edit link)
  • Picking project (in the metrics-by-project layout) needs better autocomplete when it comes to style (switch to semantic autocompleter)
  • Data breakdown component occupies too much space in mobile, probably needs to be removed in mobile UI (try first: fix flex order of project selector)
  • Touch events on mobile are buggy on semantic-ui components
  • clean up confusing visualizers like "filter-timeseries, visualizer/visualizer, and legend-visualizer"
  • clean up stubs folder and fix how stubs work
  • clean up d3 viz code
  • migrate limn timeseries to a limn-timeseries visualizer
  • migrate limn map to a limn-world-map visualizer
  • Touch events on mobile are buggy on dygraphs
  • refactor code and style for out-of-service component

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