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Deploy a freenode server (again)
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The old ticket is T82958.
We deployed a freenode server some time ago,
Due security problems some years ago, the server was removed. freenode is always happy about new servers, so I think it would make sense if we can take a look if we can setup a server for this again. For more information from freenode see

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Someone like @mark or @faidon or @akosiaris will need to weigh in on this. I think there's still(?) a weekly operations meeting, but I'm not sure how tasks get added to its agenda.

Let's not. Last time around, it costed us a lot and created a lot of unnecessary trouble and risks for our infrastructure, due to the amount of DDoS traffic it received (I'd rather not elaborate on that for obvious reasons). Also, we're not really properly set up for untrusted servers in our networks (with only a minimally protected sandbox VLAN and no dedicated network firewalls), and given they were compromised before, I'd be reluctant to host them again. Service providers which offer dedicated servers/colo are much better equipped for this kind of thing, from both perspectives.

I'm sorry really -- I'm usually a proponent of giving back to communities that support us, but our ultimate priority is to run Wikimedia production safely and responsibly and in this case, it conflicts with our priorities and is more trouble than it's worth.

@RobH Said he want to bring that to the weekly ops meeting. Can we wait for that, or is that definitive decision @faidon ?

I planned to to bring it to the ops meeting for Faidon and Mark to review. If they've done so before the meeting, then there seems to be little point in bringing it to said meeting.