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[OTRS 2017062110003987] Multi-language places
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It is great that you've added the places tab to the app - for a while I've used a site
called Wiki-Map to look at the surrounding area and that led to a massive Wikipedia
editing binge when I was unemployed a couple of years back.

Here's a possible suggestion: as a dual language person (kind of - I hope to speak Polish
eventually), I can use the app to search both English and Polish Wikipedia, but the map
shows just English (the language of my phone). Often (especially in Poland) the native
language of the place has more geotagged information (Poland has a tonne of it). So... use
the search languages of the Wikipedia app as options for the map. To keep the interface
simple (if it is possible), make the "take me here" button and add a drop down arrow to
it. Tap it and it works like normal, press and hold and you get to choose which of your
Wikipedias to source your geodata from.

Just a suggestion - and as ever, thanks for the great work!

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Interesting use case/story. We currently use the "primary" language for places, but perhaps we should search all the languages the user has set up for search? Definitely worth re-consideration.

I suggest just showing the same lang selector bar we already use in search. Boom. Done :)

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