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MediaWiki:Recentchangeslinked to be split into four individual messages
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MediaWiki:Recentchangeslinked is used:

  1. as a link on individual pages.
  2. as a link to a special page in Special:Specialpages
  3. as a headline of Special:RecentChangesLinked 3.1 which can be a page asking for input only, 3.2 or a page presenting a query result.

(at least)

These uses require different translations.

  1. To be translated somehow referencing the page, the link is found on, e.g. "… for this page …"
    • no way to use this reference for the other cases.
  2. To be translated somehow using global wording, e.g. "links going from a page …"
    • no way to use that for most other cases.

3.1 To be translated somehow using a left-open wording,

e.g. "Select page for which …"
- no way to use that in any other case.

3.2 To be translated somehow after-the-fact-ly,

e.g. "… from a selected page …"
- cannot be used for other cases. Also should
imho include a reference to the page for which
the list is.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement



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I suggest you make an effort to commit the required changes yourself.

From r51441 on we have 4 messages:

  • 'recentchangeslinked' => 'Related changes',
  • 'recentchangeslinked-feed' => 'Related changes',
  • 'recentchangeslinked-toolbox' => 'Related changes',
  • 'recentchangeslinked-title' => 'Changes related to "$1"',