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Setup maintenance date to reindex gerrit (offline reindex)
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We need to do a full offline reindex to gerrit, to try and prevent T152640 recurring.

The reason why we had that problem was because the account index was not created which thus caused the logging in problems.

2.14.2 (when released) will fix this issue by looking directly at source and not in the index.

See discussion at!topic/repo-discuss/_5iJcIsIa2Y

Another user reported the same problem as T152640 and did a full reindex after getting that error which fixed it for them.

Luca discovered gerrit starts even if the account index is not created which thus leads to errors like T152640

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Paladox triaged this task as High priority.Jun 22 2017, 5:52 PM

Setting high as this needs to be done to fix T152640 and prevent it returning in any future release.

I don't need a date, reindexing accounts will take all of thirty seconds.

demon claimed this task.
gerrit2@cobalt /var/lib/gerrit2/review_site$ java -jar bin/gerrit.war reindex --index accounts
[2017-06-22 21:44:26,810] [main] INFO : Enabling disk cache /var/lib/gerrit2/review_site/cache
[2017-06-22 21:44:27,890] [main] INFO : Loading project cache
Reindexing accounts:    100% (4569/4569)
Reindexed 4569 documents in accounts index in 10.2s (445.8/s)

@demon i meant a full index, including changes. But i guess that works :). thanks.

Why would the changes need to be reindexed if we're talking about accounts? This whole thing is stupid mess....

Plus, I disagree with the assertion that we didn't do a full reindex. We did. Twice.

Plus, I disagree with the assertion that we didn't do a full reindex. We did. Twice.

Yeh, something must be broken (i.e. to not have done the account index when you ran the reindex command a few months ago).

We probably hit one of there corner cases. Which may have been fixed in one of the gerrit releases in the 2.13 series (without them realising they fixed it)

It may have, we may have discovered a bug if it is indeed the reindex. 2.13 is too buggy now.