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Upgrade pandoc package to at least 1.12.3
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In change 360895, we added pandoc to list of installed packages so that we could render R Markdown reports to pdf/html on stat1002. Unfortunately, it seems the installed version is (very outdated, from 2013) but the rmarkdown package requires pandoc >= 1.12.3 to render documents.

Could someone please upload a more recent version of pandoc to WMF's repo?

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mpopov triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 22 2017, 8:41 PM
mpopov moved this task from Needs triage to Tracking on the Discovery-Analysis board.

pandoc 1.12.4 is already available in Debian Jessie, maybe it is time to migrate discovery dashboards to Jessie?

The blocker on movign to Jessie was the availability of shiny-server. I opened T168967 to track that part. We'll see if it is easier to provide a newer version of pandoc on Trusty or to provide shiny-server for Jessie.

This is for stat100* nodes (that use

@Gehel: we had a similar issue with R where the version in the repo was outdated by like 7 years and Oliver and I couldn't do a lot of things we wanted/needed to do. But then a year and a half ago @yuvipanda heard us complaining about how outdated R was on the analytics machines and just uploaded the latest version (at the time) and it was THE BEST. I'm hoping you or @Ottomata could do the same with pandoc :D

Ottomata claimed this task.

pandoc from Debian Stretch is 1.17.2~dfsg-3.