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Cannot login to gerrit using webinterface
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Cannot assign user name "maurelio" to account 5000; name already in use.

(previously was account 4997, and after each try, it increased the account number by one unit)

I think something similar happened some time ago when Gerrit got updated, but I cannot remember the ticket number.


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Found it: T152640: Cannot log into Gerrit as of recent upgrade

Same issue as described there. My gerrit username is MarcoAurelio. I'll try to use marcoAurelio and marcoaurelio and see what happens.

Neither of those options above work.

  • Cannot assign user name "maurelio" to account 5001; name already in use.
  • Cannot assign user name "maurelio" to account 5002; name already in use.

(account numbers I got: from 4997 to 5002)

Paladox triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jun 23 2017, 10:05 AM

@demon never mind about my question :), the error is different. So I'm wondering why reindex broke it. I am thinking gerrit 2.13 is too buggy now with accounts. and why it breaks like this.

My account on gerrit dates years back so it's not brand new, if that helps anything. Thanks for taking a look at this in advance. Regards.

Thanks, yeh that helps thanks.

I've reported it here!topic/repo-discuss/_5iJcIsIa2Y

@MarcoAurelio is your username initially start with a catital or lower case.

Knowing if your username is a capital from wikitech will help a lot.

I've tried the past workaround as stated in T168707#3374249 with the result at T168707#3374273. Thanks.