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Preset Special:CategoryTree input with main category.
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Please preset Special:CategoryTree's input field with the main category of the wiki, so as to spare users the need to guess at least one name of a category to get started. Especially in foreign language wikis, this may be a bit tedious.

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MediaWiki does not know a main category. It only exists by convention, if it exists at all.

There could be a message MediaWiki:Maincategory, just like we have MediaWiki:Mainpage, but someone need to edit and maintain that too. That would be a separate request, and it could be used for other things as well, maybe.

Closing for now. If that ever gets implemented, it could be used by CategoryTree, and this bug could be reopened.

Special:CategoryTree supports a preset of the root category by using the system message MediaWiki:Rootcategory with the name of the root category. This feature exists since 2006.

Example: contains !Hauptkategorie and starts with!Hauptkategorie

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