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Incorrect line numbers in diff pages
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At there is clearly a bug in the difference between the line numbers in the 2 sides of the diff. For example, in the block starting 3247 on the old revision side there's a difference of 10 (since the new revision says 3237), there are 11 removed lines in this block and 1 added line (so difference should go up by 10), and yet the next block says 3259 old and 3249 new - still a difference of 10. A similar increase in 12 should take place at the block starting 3469/3459, but the next block is labeled 3495/3485.

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This seems to be fixed now as the numbers are as expected:

Screenshot from 2019-08-12 17-52-18.png (910×1 px, 100 KB)

@OdMishehu: If you can still reproduce, please reopen and elaborate.