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Investigate Girgit (tool for Indian script transliteration)
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Girgit, a tool for transliteration between the Indian scripts has been released under the GPL. It is worth investigating whether it can be integrated to the Konkani and Sanskrit Wikipedias, which have multiple writing scripts.

The word Girgit means ''Chameleon'' in Hindi.

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Hi @RaviC, thanks for taking the time to report this! Please help me understand this request correctly:

Note that the Transliterator extension (which is MediaWiki-extensions-Transliterator) is not used on Wikimedia sites (and as it seems to be unmaintained software I don't expect that to happen soon, see T22246).
Also, could you explain how this request is related to the Babel extension?

Is this task maybe instead another subtask of T32759: Languages that need a LanguageConverter implementation (tracking) in the MediaWiki-Language-converter functionality? See for the description of that functionality. In that case, T11802: Automatic script conversion in Sanskrit language and T105121: Provide Latin-Devanagari-Kannada language converter for Goan Konkani could be slightly related when it comes to the scripts.

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Hi there. Yes, you're right. I mistakenly tagged the wrong extensions.