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Force clients to do a full update if they attempt to get changes with a date older than the latest "soft delete" interval
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In order to support a sync API with soft deletes while purging older data, we must set a reasonable window for clients to get changes before purging.

This window is set in T168990: Purge soft deletes on a regular basis

For this ticket, we need to return an error in the a client passes a date older than that window to the sync API. This error should instruct the client to do a full download as they may have missed changes if they use the sync API.

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Done in Clients get an error message with the message key readinglists-apierror-too-old (can be checked with errorformat=raw) when they ask for changes beyond the delete purging interval. The API help (via action=paraminfo) for the changedsince parameter can be used to learn what that interval is.

...although I guess just using PARAM_MIN would be more natural.

The interval is also exposed via siteinfo since aad8ba15.