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Implement sort APIs in RESTBase proxy service
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In order to support lists being ordered by the user, we must allow clients to both set and fetch the order of lists and entries.

This will work by passing a JSON array or the entry ids to set the list/entry order and by receiving a similar array of list/entry ids when getting the sort order.


Sorting works by getting/setting an array of all list / list entry ids. The number of lists per user / entries per list will be capped at some high but reasonable number so these arrays cannot grow too long.

  • GET /lists/reading/list_order: get order of lists
  • PUT /lists/reading/list_order: set order of lists
  • GET /lists/reading/{list_id}/entry_order: get order of list entries
  • PUT /lists/reading/{list_id}/entry_order: set order of list entries

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