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iOS App gives insufficient blocked information
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[This has been split out of T165535]
When a user is blocked and tries to edit a page, they do not see that they are blocked until the end of the workflow. In web, this is checked before the editor is opened.

When I logged in with my test account and clicked the pencil icon to edit the sandbox, it popped up with an edit window, and I could modify the source:

When I click "Next", it continues to let me save an edit summary.

Only when I click "Publish" after filling in an edit summary does it finally give any indication that the account is blocked.

This block notice is unsatisfactory because it fails to explain or provide a link to a page that explains why the block is there. It also does not name the administrator that placed the block, nor does it list an expiration date, nor does it link to a page with instructions on how to appeal the block.

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