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iOS App gives insufficient blocked information
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Jun 27 2017, 7:50 PM
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[This has been split out of T165535]
When a user is blocked and tries to edit a page, they do not see that they are blocked until the end of the workflow. In web, this is checked before the editor is opened.

When I logged in with my test account and clicked the pencil icon to edit the sandbox, it popped up with an edit window, and I could modify the source:

IMG_5173.PNG (1×750 px, 93 KB)

When I click "Next", it continues to let me save an edit summary.

IMG_5174.PNG (1×750 px, 81 KB)

Only when I click "Publish" after filling in an edit summary does it finally give any indication that the account is blocked.

IMG_5175.PNG (1×750 px, 84 KB)

This block notice is unsatisfactory because it fails to explain or provide a link to a page that explains why the block is there. It also does not name the administrator that placed the block, nor does it list an expiration date, nor does it link to a page with instructions on how to appeal the block.

Other examples

image.png (1×768 px, 260 KB)


Design proposition

Link to Figma designs

When an editor is blocked from editing and they try to edit they will have a block message modal show up right after they tap on the editing pencil icon in article view. This stops the editor from making any new edits.

  • Modal has 'exclamationmark.octagon.fill' icon
  • Block message modal displays full content of the block.
  • Modal can be dismissed by tapping 'Ok'
  • Editor lands on editing page that is disabled (cannot tap on to edit, no keyboard shows up and the 'Next' button is disabled.
  • They can return to article page by tapping the 'x' button.


Blocked editor decides to edit from article viewBlock message shows over editorMessage dismissed by tapping 'OK' & editor lands on the editing page that is disabled
Article.png (667×375 px, 65 KB)
Group 10.png (667×376 px, 57 KB)
Group 9.png (667×376 px, 87 KB)

Note for QA

As a part of this, please regression test page protection logic on our editor and article description editor, to be sure it still works as before. Our plan is to release blocked work, edit notices and abuse filter work before we pick up T313772.

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The insufficient information portion of this ticket I believe is related to partial block. See T276147 as an example.

As far as treatment we could apply what we apply to semi-protected pages. For reference the treatment in Android is:

(In Android we check the protection status of the article upon entering the editing workflow, and if the article is protected, we disable the edit box, i.e. you can still see the wikitext but can't edit or submit it.)

@OTichonova FYI, the API could return blocked information like this after the user taps "Publish" as well, so I'm going to try and show this modal at that point in the flow too (I believe that's what Android does). Obviously it would only catch users that become blocked between tapping the edit pencil and tapping Publish, so it's a small use-case. We need to work on that area of the flow anyways for abuse filters and it should be very little additional work.

@Mazevedo Can you put up a PR that will allow us to disable the code mirror editor after our wikitext is fetched (which is when we'll know they are blocked)? This is functionality needed for both blocks and protected pages. I was able to confirm that adding readOnly: 'nocursor', to this setup dictionary in the code mirror index file will disable it, so we just need some sort of parameter that we can pass over the javascript bridge upon setup that can disable it. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues, thanks!

@OTichonova @cmadeo What should happen on the section editor if a user is both blocked and there's an edit notice to automatically present? So far I have it so that the edit notice is not automatically presented, since I'm not sure why we would interrupt them about edit notices if the editor is disabled. They can still tap the exclamation point button after dismissing the blocked alert. Let me know if you would like it to work differently, thanks!

Hi @Tsevener!
That sounds good to me!
It is similar to what I had for as a proposition for when the editor is blocked & the page is semi-protected in T313772.

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Looks fixed to me on 7.2.0 (2061)

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