Make SpendenDumper export Sofortüberweisung payments
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As a member of the fundraising team,
I want sofortüberweisung donations to be exported,
so that they can be processed by external provider

Acceptance Criteria:

  • SpendenDumper output contains sofortüberweisung payment type and transactionId

Spendendumper needs to be refactored for this. T169077 and T167886 are prerequisites for that.

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Payment type is already included and we decided to not store the transactionId.

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I would like to continue to refactor Spendendumper for roughly 13 points of complexity (or at least until Kai tells me to stop). My planned steps:

  • Have a simple configuration for the default fields and their order to output while retaining the "legacy" flags where custom field sets can be defined (done in
  • Create value object for donation export parameters (created from command line flags)
  • Extract code exporting donations into a method (using the value object).
  • Extract export code into classes for each "domain object" (donation, membership, subscription)

But why? Why clean up this code and not something else? We can sink man-years into refactoring things we like to refactor... Doing this without anything beyond "I'd like to do this" while we have high prio tasks to complete is kinda odd to me.

Because for me, the point where I'm afraid to change anything in there has long been reached. In my opinion, SpendenDumper is the biggest technical debt we have at the moment and there are some changes coming where we need to touch it again. I'm aware of the other high prio tasks and promise to stop after 1-2 man days of coding.

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IMO it'd have been better to deffer this cleanup till the point where we needed to touch the SpendenDumper. I'd also be more happy if this was a team decision. Perhaps it was discussed with Kai and Pablo without me knowing about it, in which case I am somewhat less grump about it.

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Deployed to production.