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[Feature Request] Search results for queries in quotes should suggest a new query without quotes
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When searching with a query wrapped in quotes for an exact match, what if our search return the results as expected, but then also presented users with a prompt (like "Did you mean?") that would allow them to re-run the query without quotes?

Maybe we could do it if there's less than a certain number of a results in the first search, but I could see it being useful all the time, regardless of the number of results presented.

Tracking searches where the searcher used the "Did you mean" like prompt might be interesting. I don't know about useful, but interesting. :)

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@TJones did a great write-up here:
Maybe we can combine this ticket with T156019 and anything new that @TJones thinks in regards to quotes.

This is also related to this task (and should maybe be merged with it):

The question for quotes is whether we want to automatically do the search without quotes, or suggest the search without quotes, or both, and under what conditions—zero results, < 3 results, always? Is it configurable by wiki or not? And the big one: How does it interact with language ID, wrong keyboard detection, and "Did you mean" spelling suggestions—which is all the stuff in T156019.

Our options seem to be to sort out the "So many search options" problem, which is complicated, or wedge in one or two more features, which would incur a lot of technical debt and might make it impossible to add something more important in the future, or put off the whole problem to next quarter. Punting to next quarter has been very popular. :]