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Prevent the addition of Property Constraints to Items
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Being new to Wikidata and not yet completely understanding it, I recently added some Property Constraints to an Item. I was then kindly, and correctly told that this was meaningless, and that essentially, I had wasted my time.

If it is not intended that Wikidata users should add Property Constraints to Items, their doing so should be prevented at the database level, with appropriate feedback at the UI level.

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This should be clearly itself implantated by property constraints.

Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE claimed this task.

I think we can close this by now – the “property constraint” property has carried an “allowed entity types” constraint since June 2018 (added by @Esc3300), and it’s been mandatory since August 2018 (changed by User:Pizza1016), so there is now a big scary warning when you try to add constraints on items:

Screenshot_2019-02-25 Wikidata Sandbox.png (306×912 px, 36 KB)