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[Epic] Improve special pages
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Existing Special pages on mobilefrontend do not account for most of use cases of special pages.

Use cases include

  1. sub sections / tabs
  2. navigation
  3. metadata
  4. page actions

The alignment of the pages is also varied.

List of prominent special pages

  • Talk page
  • Userpage
  • Nearby
  • Edit History
  • Watchlist
  • Categories


  1. Have a consistent template which includes following elements laid out in correct hierarchy
  • Navigation (going back)
  • Prominent title and purpose of the page
  • Metadata subtext line
  • Sub sections / tabs

Page structure

All of the above bullet points as optional for each special page. except for the title and the subtitle

Here are few examples of special pages wth the new structure


*reminder that we removed the "refresh" icon from this page (T189258) and should consider adding it back in as part of this work.


NOTE: the two Watchlist views are actually two sections and can use the same treatment. Tabs are tabs.

User page


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The description doesn't explain how this goes towards T158181: Aim for workflow equivalence for MediaWiki on desktop and mobile web. Besides, nearly all the "prominent special pages" listed are not even special pages in MediaWiki proper.

Jdlrobson updated the task description. (Show Details)Dec 4 2017, 7:25 PM
NOTE: This doesn't account for the two "views" of the Watchlist. Please update screenshot/provide a mock.

@Nirzar ^^^

NOTE: This doesn't account for the two "views" of the Watchlist. Please update screenshot/provide a mock.

the two views are actually two sections, it can use the same treatment, tabs are tabs :)

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As already alluded to above, the term "special page" has an existing, well-defined meaning in MediaWiki. It seems that it is used here in a different, wider sense (e.g. talk pages are not usually considered special pages).

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@alexhollender is this epic still relevant?

@Jdlrobson I think the need is still relevant though I don't know when we'll get around to it. I think we'd benefit from having a template for non-article pages.