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Multiple edits caught by AbuseFilter even though the first edit resulted in the editor being blocked
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An IP made an edit on fawiki on 2017-06-27 7:20 AM (UTC) which resulted in the IP being blocked (to see the private AbuseLog you will need local or global admin rights, so I am attaching a screenshot). What is bizarre is that the linked log shows that the same IP was caught by the same filter in subsequent efforts to publish the same text (or a variation of it) on various pages from 7:33 to 7:41 AM that day.

Shouldn't the block from the very fist time the the filter was triggered have resulted in the user not being able to submit any edits to begin with? I wonder why the AbuseFilter was triggered for the user while the block log clearly indicates the user was blocked at 7:20

AbuseLog.png (652×1 px, 365 KB)

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Yes, I think I've reported this already but cannot find the task. In any case, this is happening as well in Meta and on all wikis where AF is set to block.

@MarcoAurelio are you talking abotu T75692? I think that is a different issue; both blocks are resulting from the same action there. But in what I reported above, different publishing actions result in AbuseFilter logs (and there is only one block occurring).

The root cause is that the user can still edit their talk page even after being blocked, which allows them to continue doing trial and error.