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Broken constraint parameters on Wikidata
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There are a couple of broken constraint parameters in the constraints.csv file for Wikidata:

  • P​227’s Qualifiers constraint has P131P136 with no comma in between.
  • P​227’s Unique value, P​276’s Value type, P​373’s Unique value, P​685’s Item, P​704’s Item, P​901’s Item, and P​3430’s Type constraint have Q-IDs with no comma in between (matches for [0-9]Q).
  • P​276’s Value type, P​279’s Conflicts with, and P​901’s Item constraint have Q-IDs with double Qs (“QQ13406463”).

(I think this list is mostly complete, at least for this kind of error – grep -P '(?!\b)[PQ][0-9]' wikidataconstraints.csv returns no other results.)

Previously, the checkers mostly did simple string comparisons on the parameters, but with the migration to constraint statements, we now do more validation on the constraint parameters even when they’re sourced from templates, so most of these errors are now reported as violations on all statements for the affected property.

We should ask the community to fix these where they haven’t been fixed already (or fix them ourselves?), and then do one more constraint template import.

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Thanks a lot! I’ve locally reimported all properties that match grep -P '(?!\b)[PQ][0-9]' wikidataconstraints.csv and none of them match that regex anymore, so it looks like at least that kind of error is completely fixed (unless more of these errors were added since the last import). Now all that’s left to do is to do another import…

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It sounds like this is done. Please reopen if I was under a wrong impression.

I was going to leave this open until the child task T169200: Update constraint table is resolved…

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Also Christianity (Q5043) and Islam (Q432) gives an error with QQ16120551 (Wikimedia-list).

The value for the parameter "item" must be an item, not "QQ13406463".

Yes, this was mentioned in the issue description (“P​279’s Conflicts with”) and already fixed a while ago – the change will become effective as soon as we reimport the constraint templates (T169200) or switch to constraint statements (T169647).